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homeowners insurance

Like everything else in 2020, hurricane season is no exception, as forecasters are predicting an “above normal” season, and we have already had several major storms impact parts of the U.S. Next time the forecast calls for heavy downpours and high winds, keep the following in mind:  If a storm causes a tree to fall[…]

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life events

As we age and reach different milestones in our lives, our insurance needs change. In order to ensure adequate coverage, contact John Scott Insurance Agency. Are you affected by one of the following life events? New Home Ownership – purchasing a new home is a big investment – one that you will want to protect.[…]

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when to use your home insurance

As a responsible homeowner who is carrying the right homeowners insurance, you may not think twice about filing a homeowners insurance claim whenever an issue arises. However, there are some cases in which it does not pay to file a claim. Here’s what you need to know about the effects of filing a home insurance[…]

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