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You work hard for your family and the assets you’ve earned. You deserve to have insurance coverage that you can count when you need it the most.


Are you searching for the right insurance for your vehicles and a company that is more interested in protecting your family than their bottom line?


You work hard in your business. Is your insurance working as hard for you? Do not get caught with dangerous gaps in your coverage.


You've reached the American Dream! Your insurance needs are different than most. Are you sure you have the protection you need?



“The mission of the John Scott Insurance Agency is to honor God by providing quality insurance protection at the most affordable cost, establishing a successful partnership with each client and insurance company, and providing knowledgeable and friendly customer service.”


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Life Insurance is Good for Everyone

Life insurance is one of those policies we don’t really think about much.  If we are single, we don’t think we need it, but really, it is good for everyone to have it in place. It protects our families in the case that something happens to us. If you are single but own a home

Drive Safely to your Destination!

We all know to drive safely, but we don’t always do it.  We may be running late and increase our speed to try to get to our destination quicker.  Maybe we are having an argument with a family member or friend and our focus is on the conversation we are having on the phone or

Why You Need Umbrella Insurance in Place

You have probably heard of umbrella insurance, but if you are still unsure of what it is and why you need it, we will explain more here. You can think of umbrella insurance as a way to build the defense up in your wealth strategy.  It protects the money you have built up from being