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“The mission of the John Scott Insurance Agency is to honor God by providing quality insurance protection at the most affordable cost, establishing a successful partnership with each client and insurance company, and providing knowledgeable and friendly customer service.”


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Umbrella Insurance is a Policy Important to Anyone that Owns Anything of Value

In this day and age, as we all know too well, lawsuits are running rampant.  You have to have warnings on everything no matter how common sense it seems to be.  Remember when McDonalds got sued for a woman spilling a hot coffee in her lap? She won because they didn’t label the cup that

What Happens to Your Family if You Die Without Life Insurance?

Our client Bill recently came in to discuss life insurance with us.  He is in his late twenties and recently got married and started a family. He had never really thought too much about protection for his loved ones in case of his passing but he had recently considered it when a close friend passed

The Most Misunderstood Policy and Why You Need It

You know the importance of homeowners insurance to cover your home and auto insurance to cover your vehicle but are you still a little foggy about umbrella insurance and why it is one of the most important and yet misunderstood policies? Think for a moment about what would happen if you were involved in an