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Did you know that the second Friday in July is Collector Car Appreciation day? What makes a car collectable is its historical importance. It may have value due to the year it was built, the parts that are in it, or any number of reasons.  It may have value to you because it was passed down through the family or it belonged to a loved one that you were close to. 


Whatever your reason for having a Collector car, recognizing this day and the reasons behind it are important because these vehicles have a piece of history that they tell the story of.  


Cars have changed so much over time. We started with the basic vehicle and now have evolved that into so much more, such as your everyday car, trucks, and racecars.  


So how did we get here?


The first motorized car actually looked more like a large tricycle. It was a 3 wheeled gas engine powered car. The engine was built by Carl Benz, who ran it for the first time on New years eve 1879. This success was the key to finishing the design of the first lightweight car that Benz had patented in January 1885. He finished building it and made the first public debut a short 6 months later. 


Keeping all of that in mind, you might be wondering how people find and restore these collector cars.


  •  The best answer is research. Doing just a little bit of research into the history of the car, where it was most popular, and what year it was made will help you out a lot. Perhaps you’ll get lucky and find one in a barn nearby, or while checking out some local car shows. No matter where or what condition you find the car in you’ll want to do your research. 


  • Check out the condition of the car. This is where you get to see the story the car has to tell. Notice the mileage on it, and dents or scratches in the paint, any broken pieces. Each component has a story as to how or why it got there. If you can get the background from the current owner that can shed a lot of light on the condition also.


  • Have a budget. You should get an idea of what you’re getting into after some research. You likely won’t find a classic car, ready to drive away that is in great condition.  It is more likely you will find one that needs a full restoration in order to be a daily driver, or a semi restoration so you can use it for car shows and occasional driving. 


Keep it well maintained 


  • Once you have the classic car in the condition you want it, you need to be sure to maintain it. Chances are you put a decent bit of money, and a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears into the vehicle and you want to keep it in prime condition.
    • Be sure to use the correct type of fuel, and oil. Chances are it will take a higher grade than a regular modern car.
    • Know what other types of fluid the car requires and check them regularly. Does it require things like coolant, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, or power-steering fluid?
    • Check the brakes and tires. Making sure your brakes work and the tires are full of air is essential for taking any car anywhere.
    • Take it out for a spin or just start it up. Running an old engine will help slow down the aging process, and taking it for a drive will bring you satisfaction after all the work put into it. 
    • Wash the car and store it properly. After taking it out for a spin or even just once a month, be sure to wash the exterior and clean up the interior.  This will prevent your vehicle from rusting.  And if you have it stored properly, in a covered garage, away from the dun and elements, you can keep the vehicle in top condition for even longer.  


Don’t forget to put the right insurance on your car too! Here at John Scott Insurance Agency, we love all types of vehicles and it is our job to help you make the right choices in coverage for your unique needs. Whether you are insuring it as your daily driver, or you want to insure it to trailer it to car shows or drive it occasionally locally, we can help you get the best plan so you know you are protected and don’t have to worry. Reach out to us today…and we want to see pictures of the beautiful car you have! 

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