Staying Safe on a Road Trip

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It has been a while since we could experience a great road trip. If you love exploring the country that way, we are sure you missed it!

Everyone is getting back on the road but to do this in a safe way you need to make sure you plan things out. Even if you have taken this trip before, do a little extra research to make sure you are up to date on current laws and precautions.

You can find the information you need through the Federal Highway Administration directory of state transportation department websites. This provides the latest information about state-specific changes and updates, along with links to other state resources such as traffic and weather alerts.

Make sure your car is ready for the road.  Make sure you have an oil and filter change. Do a once over to make sure everything else is in good shape for long travel.

Another tip: Pay for gas with cards, not cash. This eliminates the face-to-face interaction. Cards can always be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe after use.

You’ll be relying heavily on restrooms at highway rest areas or gas stations, so be especially vigilant with sanitizing. Bring some Clorox wipes with you to wipe things down before using the facilities.  This will help you to stay safe and healthy.  Be careful not to touch fixtures like the faucet or door handle after washing your hands. Use a paper towel to touch the door handle after washing your hands.

Many highway rest stops are designed to be as touchless as possible. They have doorless entry, automatic flushing, and motion-sensing faucets and towel dispensers.

While many restaurants are once again open for dine-in service there may be limits on how many people can be inside and the restrictions will depend on where you are.  Each state you cross through may handle things differently so be respectful of that and understanding.

If you need to stay in a hotel overnight, call ahead to confirm your reservation. This will prevent surprises later.

And last but not least, makes sure that your auto insurance is up to date and that your coverage has everything you may need.  Here at John Scott Insurance Agency, we want you to have a great experience and to go on your road trip with no worries other than how many sights you can realistically get to see.

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