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child safety seats

The safety of children in our lives is super important to all of us. We drive just about everywhere in this day and age so safety in the car is of top importance in our lives. Child safety seats, when installed and used correctly, can prevent injuries and save lives. Young children who are properly[…]

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melting snow

Accumulating water from melting snow and ice leaves your home susceptible to damage.   Below are three action steps you can take to protect your home ahead of time to minimize your risk. 1). Clear Snow From Your Homes Foundation. Shovel snow away from your home, including stairwells, window wells, downspouts and doors to help prevent[…]

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life insurance for singles

Many people believe that life insurance is only for married people with children.  This thinking means they are overlooking all the benefits that come from having a policy. While it is true not all single people need life insurance, there are many reasons having this coverage makes sense. Here are some of the benefits of[…]

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