Are You Protecting Your Loved Ones?

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Life, responsibilities, and distractions often keep us from spending quality time with our loved ones because we just can’t seem to find the time.  It keeps us from taking care of ourselves also because we lose sleep, don’t eat right, and feel like we just can’t squeeze in a 30-minute workout and 15-minute meditation.  We are lucky if we have 5 extra minutes, we definitely don’t have 45 minutes!

All these are excuses though.  It is easy to get caught up in what we can’t do because we are so busy rather than making the time to enjoy life.

So, what happens to your loved ones if your stress level leads you to having a heart attack? Have you thought that through, or do you feel like you are going to live forever and don’t have to worry about it?

This is one of the reasons you need to put a life insurance policy in place.

You need to make sure your loved ones are protected in case something happens to you.

Joe was one of these people that thought he was invincible until the one day when the stress got to him and he ended up in the Emergency room.

While he was lying in the hospital bed waiting to hear if he had suffered a heart attack or something else that would cause disruption to his life and work, he thought of his wife Joan and his children Charlie and Kiera.  Who would take care of them if something happened to him? How would they keep the house?

He promised himself that as soon as he was home again, he would put a life insurance policy in place that would ensure the house mortgage would be paid off if anything happened to him so that his family would be secure.

In another instance, Debra is the primary wage-earner for her family. She knows they rely on her for all their needs and worries about what would happen to them if she were not here to care for them. She also wants to make sure that her family wouldn’t be burdened with funeral costs, unpaid medical bills, or anything else that would put their quality of life in jeopardy.

Debra decided to purchase a permanent life insurance policy to provide the funds necessary to take care of all these things.

If you can relate to either of these situations, reach out to us at John Scott Insurance Agency and let us help you put the best life insurance policy in place so you and your loved ones can sleep at night knowing that if anything happens, they are safe.



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