5 Reasons John Scott Insurance is the Choice for You

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Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or car owner, insurance is something we may not like to think about, but need to have in place. When we’re young, we feel invincible; nothing is going to happen—ever. As we age, we realize this just isn’t reality.

When it comes to what insurance to purchase, it can be confusing and like climbing Mt. Everest without an experienced mountaineering guide. The ins-and-outs of policies, coverages, exclusions, deductibles, and on and on can make one throw up their hands in frustration; with the result of thinking, “I’ll just be extra careful.”

When it gets to this point, know that you’re not alone—here at John Scott Insurance Agency, we know it’s confusing, and have the knowledge and experience to help you make your insurance decisions.

We know you want to be a smart consumer, making the right decisions to ensure you’re getting the correct coverage at the best price. You want to take ownership of your decisions, but also want expert guidance and an independent agent who is committed to taking all the time needed to understand your unique situation and needs.

Here are 5 Reasons that John Scott Insurance Agency is the  best choice for you:

  1. We will be honest about coverages you truly need (along with those you don’t), working with a multitude of carriers in order to tailor your policy to you.


  1. Our team will always have procedures in place and dedication to follow through with, yearly insurance “check-ups” to ensure your needs haven’t changed.


  1. We are happy to share testimonials of happy and satisfied clients with you. Take a look at some of them, proudly displayed on our website.


  1. We believe professionalism, honesty, and openness are key to the agent-client relationship.


  1. We answer all questions you have honestly and to your satisfaction. Some of the questions we often answer include:
  • I have high-value items in my home; what limits and deductibles are best for me financially?
  • If my car is hit and damaged by an underinsured or uninsured driver, should I have a policy that covers this?
  • If something happens to me, are my loved ones taken care of?
  • I have a low-risk/high-risk business; would it benefit me to have a professional take an in-depth look at the risks I’m exposed to before purchasing coverage?

There are many other questions to think about. Make a list of your unique situation, and bring it in with you. We’re always happy to sit and answer your questions. We’ll make sure you don’t have to go it alone. As independent agents, we won’t have you sign that dotted line until you are confident in your protection.

We hope this visual infographic we’ve created will help you understand the inherent benefits in choosing us as your independent agent.

If you have questions about your present insurance, need to begin your insurance protection program, or are wondering whether John Scott Insurance Agency is right you, stop by to talk to us! We’d be thrilled to have you interview us, so we can answer your questions. We’re here in your community at 105 Commercial Street, Dowagiac; call us at (269) 782-2123 or toll-free (800) 810-2123. We have a contact form on our website as well for your convenience.

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