3 Back to School Tips

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It’s almost time for back to school again.  It seems like the summer flies by so quick!

Here are 3 tips to help your child start the school year successfully.

First Day

Even though it is summer, the school is still open and can help you with any concerns you may have.  It is a great idea to reach out in the weeks prior to the start of school to review any special instructions that teachers will need to know for your child. It will also make the first day go smoothly if teachers are aware and prepared ahead of time for things that may come up.  By talking to the faculty ahead of time you can be sure that your child will have opportunities to learn in the best way for him/her.

If your child seems anxious about returning to school, take the time to have a conversation and really listen to what is going on and why they feel the way they do.  Then together, come up with a solution so your child can calm down.

If your child takes a school bus into school be sure you take the time to review the basic rules such as waiting for the bus to fully stop before approaching it from the curb. Then to look both ways to see that no other traffic is coming before crossing the street, just in case traffic does not stop as required. Also be sure to explain why it is dangerous to move around the bus while it is moving.

If your child has a health condition that could result in an emergency on the bus, make sure you talk to the school nurse to create a bus emergency plan prior to the first day of class

Sleep Routine

Sleep is of major importance for your child to have a good experience in school. Set a consistent bedtime along with a routine to wind down. That routine may include things like a bath, story time, tucking into bed.  This time should not include electronic devices or TV.  It should be a time of low lighting and quiet so your child calms down from the day and is ready to fall asleep.

Insufficient sleep is associated with lower academic achievement as well as higher rates of absenteeism and tardiness. Most children do well on 10-12 hours of sleep and when they are in their teen years, they can get away with 8-10 hours a night.

Good Homework Habits

For homework to be done well your child needs to focus.  Create an environment that is best for the way your child learns.

Make sure there is plenty of time to get homework done each day and coordinate that schedule around any other extracurricular activities your child is a part of.

By high school, many teachers ask students to submit homework electronically. Figure out the best area to accomplish this. Work with school administration if you need to make arrangements for computer usage outside of your home.

Be available to answer questions and offer assistance if needed.  Make sure your child also takes a break if needed to stretch and be able to re-focus again.

For general homework problems that cannot be worked out with the teacher you may want to consider hiring a tutor to help. Also keep in mind that sometimes organization can be a challenge for children so aid them in creating checklists, setting a timer or anything else that may help them to focus better and be successful at homework.

We hope these tips help you to get your child off on the right foot this school year.  If there is anything we can do for you and your family here at John Scott Insurance Agency, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



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