Tips to Enjoy Summer

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The lazy days of summer are finally here. It’s a time to soak in the sun, relax and kick back.

While this year is a bit different as we are not really traveling much or doing the things we would have been doing in summers past, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a great summer!

Here are some tips on enjoying the summer:

Stay Cool – The sun is beautiful and warm but you want to make sure you don’t stay out in it too long or unprotected. Wear sunscreen, a hat and even a long sleeve lightweight shirt can help to keep the sun off you so you don’t get sunburned. Find a shady spot to sit and enjoy your day when you need to.

Stay Hydrated – The warm days of summer can dehydrate you if you are not careful. If you are working outside or hiking…really spending any time outdoors in the sun, make sure you have a water bottle with you to sip from regularly. Hydration is important to keeping your internal organs and your brain working efficiently so don’t skimp on the water intake!

Stay Safe – this summer is a bit different with the masks and social distancing but it can still be just as fun. Be aware of your surroundings. Keep a safe distance from others when you can and still proceed with caution and try to avoid large gatherings that are not outside in the open air.

Put a gate around your pool if you have one to avoid any accidents happening. Also be sure there is an adult outside at all times if there are children in your pool.

Be safe on the trampoline and put up the net around the sides so that no one falls off and injures themselves.

Make sure swingsets and slides are secure so your child and their friends can enjoy their time safely.

Keep campfires contained and a bucket of water nearby in case they get to big or start to spread from the area they should be. You don’t want to start a raging blaze just over making smores.

We hope you have a wonderful summer and we are here at John Scott Insurance Agency
to help you whenever you need us.

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