Storing Holiday Decorations

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It can often be a bit of a chore having to figure out the best way to store the holiday decorations.  You want to make sure that you protect your investments and you want to open them up next year and be just as in awe of them as you were this year.

Here are 3 tips on packaging and storing your holiday decorations so they stay safe and in perfect condition:

Wrap them carefully – If you have glass ornaments or anything breakable you want to be sure you wrap them carefully and safely.  You could use things like tablecloths, towels, etc. that you are also packing away for the season, or you could invest in some bubble wrap to make sure they have a little extra padding around them.

Store in sealed boxes and label clearly – It is worth the investment to pick up some of those clear plastic tubs that have the lids that seal really well. This way you can see what is inside easily and the decorations that are packed in there will stay safe in case of any incidents that would have ruined a cardboard box such as a flood.  You also want to be sure that you label the box so you know what it is, such as Christmas, Living Room.

Put in a safe place – You want to make sure that your decorations are easily accessible next year but also in a safe place. For instance, if your basement is where all the teenagers hang out and roughhouse you probably don’t want your decorations stored there where they can be knocked over, unless you have a special area for them that is tucked away from harm.

We hope these tips helped you and that you have fun packing away the holiday decorations and getting ready for the next season of decorating!  If you have any questions on your homeowners insurance or would like to go over your coverage to make sure you are fully protected, just reach out to John Scott Insurance Agency and let us review your policy with you!






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