Reasons it is Important to Have Renters Insurance

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When you are renting a home or apartment, you may think that there is no need for insurance but that is just not the case.  Without that coverage you are risking a lot.

Homeowners would be covered under their policy for the home you are renting but as for your own personal belongings…you would be at a loss.

And if there is a loss at the home due to something you have done, that would fall on you, not the homeowner.

Here are just a couple examples:

Burglary and no coverage:

Without rental insurance, if your residence is burglarized you end up losing all your belongings and getting no reimbursement. How would you afford to replace all that?

Fire and no coverage:

You could lose everything you own in a fire and there would be no reimbursement to replace it. Money to pay for a new place would come from your pocket. There would be nothing to fall back on.

And if you were the cause of a negligent fire and are responsible for the damage to the building, injury to others and other associated costs that would damage you financially. Renters insurance would cover this under liability. If you don’t have renters insurance that could be hundreds of thousands of dollars that you would be responsible for personally.

Why risk everything when the investment is less than your daily coffee habit?

Renters Insurance is a small investment for a large piece of mind.  It can be as low as $15 a month to protect your property, family and future.

Contact the team at John Scott Insurance and let us put a policy in place for you that will help you sleep at night knowing you are investing in coverage to protect your family.


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