Holiday Safety Tips for Your Home

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Holiday Safety Tips for Your Home , holiday safety tips

While the holidays are all about family, fun, and togetherness, that doesn’t mean that the holiday season is risk-free.  In fact, there are several serious threats that your home and loved ones face this holiday season.  Try out these holiday tips to ensure that you stay safe this season.

Package Safety

  • Turn on package notifications so you know when your packages are delivered. This will help prevent your packages from being stolen.
  • If possible, schedule package deliveries for when someone is at home. This will also prevent package theft.
  • Finally, getting a shipping option that requires a signature upon delivery will ensure that your deliver person doesn’t simply leave a package on you front step if no one is there to receive the delivery.

Decorating Safety

  1. Check to make sure your lights are Underwriters Laboratory certified. Look for the “UL” tag on all lights to ensure that they have been checked for safety hazards.
  2. If the “UL” tag is red, then the lights are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Lights with a green “UL” tag are only safe for indoor decorating use.
  3. Make sure you inspect all string lights for frayed wires and broken sockets before using them. Using damaged string lights increases your risk for fire.
  4. When decorating, you should avoid using real candles. Anytime you have an open flame increases your risk of fire.
  5. If you are using a tree to decorate your home, make sure you choose a fresh tree. Older trees tend to be drier and this could increase your chance of fire.

Weather Safety

  1. When you leave your home, make sure that you keep your thermostat set at 55° F. If your turn your heat completely off, then the water in your pipes could freeze, causing your pipes to burst.
  2. Before a winter storm hits, make sure you check your home’s roof. Clear out any debris in your gutter and downspout so ice and snow can safely drain.  Check your roof for any potential leaks and have any issues looked at or repaired by a professional.
  3. Make sure that you clear any ice or snow off your walkways. Leaving ice to sit can increase your risk of an accident on your property.

Try out these holiday safety tips to protect your home and loved ones this holiday season.  We at John Scott Insurance would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday.  If you are looking for insurance coverage this holiday season, then contact us.  We are ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.

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