Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy with Your Family

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Fall is finally here! While it can be sad to see the summer go away, it can be exciting to move into fall also.  There are so many fun family activities you can do to make memories together!

The changing leaves, crisp air, and warm fall scents are always something to look forward…not to mention the pumpkin spice everything!

If you are ready to have some fun with your family, here are some outdoor activities we think you may enjoy:

  • Apple picking/pumpkin picking – A lot of times you can find a farm that has both of these so you can go pick your own apples with your family, find a great pumpkin and if you are really lucky, you will find a place that brings you on a hayride to the fields too.
  • Travel through a Corn Maze – this is fun for the whole family. A lot of places have a smaller corn maze to bring little ones through and you can always bring a stroller through a larger maze too.
  • Go to a Football Game – it’s football season so if you enjoy that sport, now is the time to go to a game in person, cheer together and of course tailgate and have tons of food and fun.
  • Hike – The autumn weather is a great time to go for a hike and enjoy the outdoors. You can get some great pictures of the leaves changing color and it is nice and cool so you can choose to go for a hike any time of the day.
  • Raking leaves for jumping in – You need to rake leaves anyway so why not make it fun and let the kids jump into piles of leaves before you take them away.
  • Family bike ride – It is a great time of year to go on a bike trail and enjoy the scenery with the family.
  • Petting zoos – a lot of farms have petting zoos so while you are touring the farm or going to pick up produce or pumpkins you can also pet the baby farm animals.
  • Go Camping/ Stargazing – It is so much fun to be outdoors for the night, sitting around a campfire telling stories and enjoying smores and looking up at that big, beautiful sky and all the stars.

Indoor Fall Activities

Sometimes you may not feel like going outside or the weather may not allow for it so here are some ideas on things you can do inside as a family.

  • Carve a pumpkin and toast the seeds – There are many designs for carving a pumpkin that you can buy in an arts and crafts store, or you can just make your own. Once you carve the pumpkin, go ahead and clean the seeds, sprinkle on some spices and toast them up in the oven. They are a tasty treat!
  • Bake up those apples – You have all those apples you just picked so go ahead and bake an apple pie or try a new recipe that your family will enjoy.
  • Game night/Puzzles – It is so much fun to sit around the table some nights and play a favorite game that makes you all laugh, or put together a puzzle together.
  • Bowling – This is a great indoor activity that gets your family moving and can be a fun competition.
  • Children’s Museum – This can be both educational and fun. Your family will learn new things, be exposed to a new experience, and have fun together talking about their favorite parts later.
  • Leaf Arts and Crafts – You can go outside and gather leaves and then Google leaf arts and crafts and you will find all different ways you can creatively use those leaves as decoration.
  • Plant an indoor herb garden – Just because summer is over that doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh, home-grown herbs anymore. By planting an indoor herb garden you are teaching your children how things grow and exposing them to a skill they can use in the future as well.
  • Halloween Movie Marathon – All the Halloween movies will be coming on soon. Gather your family and decide on your favorites and then put them in rotation on family movie nights.
  • DIY family Halloween costumes – It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money on Halloween costumes. Sometimes the ones you make yourself at home are the best ones!

I hope you try out a few of these ideas and enjoy the time with your family!  If we can help you in any way here at John Scott Insurance Agency just reach out.  That is what we are here for.

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