6 Ways to Celebrate Mom

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It is almost Mother’s Day again! If you are celebrating with any of your loved ones this Mother’s Day, here are some ideas to make it a great one!

This day is extended to generations of mothers—grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers, and mother figures.

Most moms aren’t looking for a lavish gift but simply some quality time with their children and loved ones, whether in person, virtually or on the phone.

Here are 6 ways you can celebrate mom this year:

Garden and Yard Care – Help her to plant the flowers or vegetables for the season. Carry the soil and mulch for her. Do the weeding needed. If you are handy and she wants a garden bed, go ahead and build that raised bed for her.

Decorate outdoors – Send flowers if you are from a distance. If you are local, get some plants for her front porch or back deck.  You can make or purchase a beautiful wreath for her front door.  If she loves roses, why not get her a rose bush rather than send a dozen roses.  Then she will have roses all season long. You could even get a beautiful shrub or tree that you know she would like.

Cook or set up a virtual lunch – You could make her favorite meal and serve it to her if you are local or you could use an app like Thnks.com to send her a gift card where she can order her own food to have delivered and you eat together on Zoom.

Watch a movie or show together – If you are home together, have a movie night with her favorite snacks and drinks and watch a movie together.  This is a great idea for teenagers too since they are so busy and often don’t get to spend as much time together with their moms as when they were younger.

If you are in different locations you can still do this.  You could send a gift basket of snacks and drinks that you know she would love and tell her to hold onto it until your movie night.  You can purchase the same for yourself. Netflix even has a way to watch together online. If you and your mom have a Netflix account and Chrome installed on her laptop or desktop, you can watch a movie together! There is even a group chat function for commenting live during the movie from wherever you are in the world. See Netflix Party for more details.

Make a homemade gift – Believe it or not, mom’s love this no matter how old their children are. Here are some ideas:

  • Make your own herbal vinegar
  • Bake some cookies
  • Make your own fruit facial or scrub
  • Create a piece of art she can display
  • Make your own soap
  • Put together a wreath she can hang inside or outside

Tour a museum or garden together virtually – There are so many new opportunities for this and it is a great way to experience something she loves together and start an interesting conversation.

Here at John Scott Insurance Agency, we celebrate all mothers.  We know the sacrifices you make to care for your families and we appreciate all you do. We wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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