Warm Up Your Winter and Have Some Joy in Your Days

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After the holidays things just seem to slow down in the winter.  There isn’t as much to do, and it tends to get a bit dull in the day to day if we are being honest.

No matter how your day goes, starting and ending the day on a good note will make the struggles a little less hard to handle.

Tea can be a great way to start and end your day. It is a way to spend some quality time alone in the early morning, sipping some tea and day dreaming, or journaling, or reading a book.  It is a good way to spend the evening, chatting with friends or family and winding down while warming up your insides.

The Tea Council of the USA was founded in 1950 and recognizes National Hot Tea Month every January.

Legend has it that tea came about in 2737 BC,  when a Chinese emperor was sitting under a tree while his servant boiled drinking water when some leaves blew into it. The emperor happened to be a renowned herbalist, and he decided to taste the infusion that had just been created by accident. He loved it, and that’s where tea comes from!

And here are some more fun facts about the benefits of tea:

  • Tea is packed with antioxidants, which protects our bodies from toxins.
  • Teas that do contain caffeine usually contain about 50% less than coffee, so you can drink it without affecting your nervous system.
  • Studies show that tea gives a boost to your immune system.

To start your day, try white tea when you wake up. It’s gentle on an empty stomach and has a light, aromatic quality. If you need a caffeine boost quickly, choose a high-quality white tea, and boil it in really hot water to bring out a lot of caffeine.

Later in the morning, move to a green tea. This will help give your metabolism a kick start, and it is also light and uplifting.

In the afternoon, try some black tea.  It’s easy to find if you’re out and need to stop somewhere to pick it up. You can also have it caffeinated or not…your choice.

In the evenings you want to stay away from caffeine. Try a calming tea such as Chamomile or another type of herbal blend. Try some different kinds and see what you like best. There are a great variety of sleep time teas you can easily find in the supermarket.

We hope you enjoy experimenting with different teas this winter, and if we can do anything to help you with your insurance needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Our leadership team here at John Scott Insurance Agency is here to support you in any way we can.  We may even have some great teas to recommend!


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