Does Your Homeowners Insurance Provide Coverage for Trampolines and Treehouses?

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Kids love trampolines and treehouses. Most parents want to be the cool parent that provides one or both for their children’s entertainment and enjoyment.

You love watching your child bounce in the sun on the trampoline, showing you neat tricks they can do.  You may even love bouncing along with them and showing them neat tricks YOU can do!

And treehouses…they are just every kid’s dream! A secret hideout to call their own, hang out with their friends in and hide out from their parents in.

Now let’s talk about the safety issues that go along with these amazing entertainment providers and how that may affect your homeowners insurance policy.

Here are some things to consider:

If you’re thinking about buying a trampoline, or already purchased one, read your homeowners insurance policy or contact your insurance agent. You want to learn terms and conditions regarding coverage for the trampoline and any state-specific exceptions that may affect your homeowners insurance.

No exclusions: This means that a homeowners insurance policy doesn’t place any restrictions on trampoline ownership or usage. If your child’s friend gets injured on your trampoline and you are found legally responsible for medical bills they incur, the liability coverage in your policy may help cover the costs.

Coverage with safety precautions: Your policy may provide coverage with limits and terms in place assuming you have safety precautions in place for the trampoline. These precautions would include a safety net enclosure or a fenced in yard. You would need to carefully read your policy to know what specifically you need in place.

Trampoline exclusion: This would be when the policy states trampolines are excluded.  This could also affect your homeowners policy renewal when the time comes if you have added a trampoline.

Moving on to treehouses…

While exclusions are less common than with a trampoline, there may be some requirements that you need to have in place.

You want to make sure you have adequate protection in place. Check your homeowners insurance policy carefully. You can also call one of our agents here at John Scott Insurance to help you.

Even if your policy offers coverage for these items, we recommend you review your limits to decide whether your coverage limits meet your needs.  We are happy to do this with you and help you to adjust anything you need to.

One way to increase coverage is with an umbrella policy. This provides liability coverage above the limits of your homeowners insurance policy — generally up to $1 million. Protection begins when you’ve exhausted the required underlying insurance amount of your homeowners policy.

Contact one of your agents at John Scott Insurance today to get your questions answered and to ensure you are well protected.


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