Tips to Help You Buy Auto Insurance for Your Teen

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Tips to Help You Buy Auto Insurance for Your Teen

Learn How Choose the Best Auto Insurance for Your Teen Driver

While driving is a privilege that gives teens considerable freedom, it is also a huge responsibility.  Driving can be dangerous, so it’s important that your teen stays safe with the right coverage.  However, insuring a teen driver isn’t cheap.  Learn what you need to know about insuring a teen driver, and find out how you can save money at the same time!

Parents’ Rates

Usually, parents add their teens to their own auto policies.  However, this can cause a jump in the parents’ auto premiums.  Because teens have a high rate of car accidents, insurance companies tend to charge more to insure teen drivers.  However, don’t worry just yet.  There are a variety of ways that you can get discounts on your teen’s auto policy.

Good Grades

If your teen is a straight-A student, you’re in luck!  Many car insurance companies offer discounts for good student drivers.  To qualify for these types of discounts, your teen should be enrolled full-time in high school or college.  Please take note that the discount will vary by individual insurance company and by the state you reside in.  Check with your insurance agent to see if your child qualifies today.

Older Car

If your teen drives an older car your insurance premiums may be less expensive than if they are driving a brand-new vehicle.  Generally speaking, buying an older car may result in lower premiums than a newer car.  However, keep in mind that newer cars do have some benefits over older cars.  Newer cars tend to have more updated safety features and can provide better protection in the event of an accident.  Weigh the pros and cons before deciding what kind of car your teen should drive.

Safety Courses

Many insurers offer safety courses as a way to teach teens how to stay safe on the road.  If your child enrolls and completes an insurer-sponsored safety course, then you can receive discounts of their premiums.  Check with your insurance agency to see if they offer such incentives.

Protecting your teen driver doesn’t need to break the bank.  To find the right auto insurance for your family, contact the professionals at John Scott Insurance.

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