Three Ways to Help Others this Fall

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It’s fall but this year is a bit different than most since all the schools are adapting to our new health systems we need to have in place.

You may know how your family’s work and school schedule will look but there are other families in your community that are not feeling too secure yet.

Some families are experiencing job loss, not enough food, health problems and other issues and they are dealing with things the best they can but may need a helping hand.

If you are in a good situation, please consider giving back.  It not only helps the people in your community but it teaches your children how good helping others can feel too.

Here are three ways you can help others this fall:

Donate if you can. Your donation can help organizations such as food banks and emergency relief organizations to handle the immediate needs they have in order to help more people that need it at this time.

If you can afford it, consider donating a recurring amount each month.  Involve your kids by explaining what you are planning to do and see if they have an opinion on what organizations you should support.  They may know about some that you are not aware of even, especially if they have learned about it in school.

Provide clothing or supplies. Many people can’t afford the basics that their families need this year if they have been out of work and struggling to keep a roof over their heads.  Providing clothing basics or even gift cards so they can get their children what is needed for a productive school year would be a blessing for them. If you have gently used clothing and shoes and know a family that could benefit from them, involve your children in packing things up and writing a note to the other family.  This could even be the start of a new friendship between your families if you are not already.

Provide meals for others. Food banks are getting a high demand right now.  You can help by putting together boxes of food for them to deliver to families in need, providing a gift card so they can buy what they need, or even delivering meals if you are willing to for homebound senior citizens.

Helping others can be so rewarding and a great experience for you and your family.  We all need help sometimes, and none of us know when hard times may hit.  Giving back in the good times and being OK with accepting support in the hard times is important.

Here at John Scott Insurance Agency we give back as much as we can.  We are currently supporting “Hello, Gorgeous” which provides complimentary, professional makeovers and cosmetic education to women battling cancer.  Every time we get a referral from one of our clients we donate $15 dollars on your behalf.  For more details visit

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