Thanksgiving Celebration Ideas

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Thanksgiving this year is right around the corner.  While we all look forward to gathering together and giving thanks, this year may be a little more dialed down than other years.  That doesn’t mean you can’t still have an amazing and fun Thanksgiving connecting with all your loved ones.

Here are some ideas to make this year just as special as any other year!

If there are loved ones that can’t (or don’t want to) travel this year you can always send them a care package of homemade treats and a note to let them know you are thinking of them.

Many of the area food pantries near you are running low on funds and food. By collecting canned goods or monetary donations you can help others in your area to also have an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. If you ask, the food pantry will also share with you a list of what they need most at this time.

Have Brunch if you can’t do Dinner. This is a great idea especially if you have family members that work on Thanksgiving and may be on a later shift. If you have time you can also do something fun, like go for a hike if the weather is nice or play some board games if you need to be inside.

Since 2020 has become the year of Zoom meetings, why not host one on Thanksgiving?  It is a great way to include loved ones that can’t gather in person with the rest of your group at Thanksgiving dinner, so everyone feels included.  You may want to test it out with everyone ahead of time, so they all know how to join you that day.

If you have children that will be attending your Thanksgiving celebration you want to make sure they have fun too (and watching the adults talk is not fun😉) Consider a Thanksgiving craft that would be fun for everyone at the table.

If you have elderly relatives that are going to be staying home this year, consider having food delivered to them. If their favorite nearby restaurant is open and delivers you can call up and have their favorite meal sent right to their door.  It can be left outside, and you can call them to let them know it is coming.

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, we wish you a very happy one and hope you truly enjoy it!


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