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defensive driving

ys to stay safe while you’re on the road is through defensive driving. The goal is to prevent accidents in spite of others actions or the presence of adverse driving conditions. To avoid accidents through the use of defensive driving, do the following: Remain on the lookout for hazards—Think about what may happen as far[…]

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store your vehicles

When winter comes and brings the snow and cold with it, how you store your vehicles is important to avoid damage from the harsh weather and roads and to ensure it’s in good working condition for spring. Here are tips on the best way to prepare your vehicle for storage. Clean your car – thoroughly[…]

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Learning the Difference Between Liability Insurance and Full Coverage, what differentiates liability insurance from full coverage

Shopping around for auto insurance can get confusing. Determining the right coverage can be difficult with all the industry jargon. One of the first decisions you will have to make is whether to go with liability insurance or full coverage. Here’s what differentiates liability insurance from full coverage. Liability Insurance Liability insurance offers coverage for[…]

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Tips to Protect Yourself from a Natural Disaster, protect yourself when disaster strikes

When a natural disaster hits, there are many things outside your control. However, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself and ensure that your loved ones stay safe. Here are some of the precautionary steps to protect yourself when disaster strikes. Understand the Risks that You Face Certain areas are prone to[…]

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