Spring Break Safety Tips

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Spring Break Safety Tips, stay safe this spring break

Stay safe this spring break.

Spring is in full swing and, for many students, this means that spring break is right around the corner. If you (or your child) are planning on taking a trip this spring break, it’s important that you do not forget about safety. Here are some precautions to help you stay safe this spring break.

  • Alcohol Safety

Spring break and alcohol go hand in hand. If you are planning on consuming alcohol, make sure that you are doing so responsibly. Pace yourself and try not to drink yourself into incoherency. Additionally, do not drive, perform potentially dangerous tasks, or make serious decisions while under the influence of alcohol. Not only should you be careful about your own alcohol consumption, but you should also look out for your friends as well.

  • Social Media Safety

While you might feel the need to update your friends and followers about your spring break activities, do not overshare. Sharing too much personal information, such as your location, on social media platforms can seriously compromise your safety. Adjust your privacy settings and exercise good judgement when you update your social media. Remember, when your followers can pinpoint your exact location, so can dangerous criminals.

  • Swimming Safety

As tropical or beach-side locations tend to be the most popular destinations for spring breakers, it’s important that you stay safe while in the water. Strong currents, large waves, and rapidly changing tides can make swimming in the ocean extremely precarious for even the most experienced swimmers. Before running into the water, speak to a lifeguard and ask about the water conditions. If you receive warnings, make sure you heed them–a fun day at the beach can quickly turn into a life-or-death situation if you are not careful.

Take these precautions to help you stay safe this spring break.  Want another way to protect yourself?  Make sure you have the right insurance coverages to meet your needs.  To find the right policies for you, contact the experts at John Scott Insurance.  Our dedicated team is ready to get you covered today.

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