Red Flags When Buying Used Cars

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Buying a car can be an exciting time.  It is something new and you have a list of the features that you would love to have in it.  You start looking online and find a few vehicle you like so you setup an appointment to go see them.

When you are buying a vehicle that is not brand new it can be a great purchase and save you a ton of money but there are also certain things you should be aware of so you don’t end up spending more in repairs.

You want to do your research before you go to look at a used vehicle.  Check out the safety ratings and the reviews from other people.  If it is a vehicle a lot of people are complaining about in one way or another you may want to rethink that option.

Once you have your list of vehicles that you are definitely going to look at you want to keep in mind what you are looking for when you get there.  Just because it looks pretty from the outside at first sight that doesn’t mean it is in great shape in other areas.

To avoid purchasing a car with hidden problems, look out for the following warning signs:

  • Excessive wear and tear in the interior.
  • Damp, musty odors. These are indications of leaks in the windshield, weather stripping or heater core.
  • Cars that ride lower in the front as compared to the back. This indicates worn springs, which can be an expensive repair.
  • Tires with worn outer edges from the front end. This can indicate that the car is in need of an alignment.
  • Clanking noises when the vehicle is in gear. This can indicate a problem with the drive shaft universal joints.
  • Transmission fluid that is black or brown. This may indicate internal engine damage.

When buying used, the best way to ensure you purchase a reliable car is by referencing a vehicle history report. Carfax and AutoCheck are services that can provide helpful details on a vehicle’s collision history, maintenance history and odometer record.

Always have your vehicle checked out by a trusted mechanic also so that you know it is safe and they can even give you some idea of when you should be taking care of maintenance and when items  may need to be replaced so you can budget ahead.

When you have your new vehicle give us a call at John Scott Insurance and we will make sure you have the right auto coverage in place so you can drive with peace of mind.



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