How To: Make Your First Home Insurance Policy Affordable

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How To: Make Your First Home Insurance Policy Affordable

Choosing the right starter home required huge time and financial investments; don’t let it all go to waste!  Make sure you choose the right first home insurance policy to protect your investments.  Are you worried insurance will break the bank?

Make sure your first home insurance policy is affordable.

Avoid Risky Homes

Your home insurance is partially based on risk.  This means that the higher the risk of something bad happening, the higher your insurance premiums.  Before you purchase a new home, make sure you are aware of the risks that come with it.  Some factors to evaluate are the safety of the neighborhood and whether the area has a history of flood damage.  These are all considerations that should be part of your home buying process.

Shop Around

While tempting, don’t choose the cheapest policy available.  Paying the least amount possible translates into the minimum amount of coverage your insurer can get away with.  Make sure your policy provides coverage for property damage, theft, and liability.  Have a checklist for the coverage your home needs and go from there.

Bundle Policies

You can get a great deal from buying multiple policies from a single insurer.  Not only will bundling your policies save you some money, but it will also make it much easier to manage all your policies.

Know Coverage Limits

You should always know how much coverage your policy offers.  If you find gaps in your coverage, talk with your agent to find ways to ensure you have the necessary protections.  Usually, insurers will give you the opportunity to increase and decrease your coverage as needed.

Follow these tips to make save money on your first home insurance policy.  For assistance in finding the best Home Insurance in Niles, Michigan policy for your needs, contact the professionals at John Scott Insurance today.

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