Good Posture for Spine Health

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good posture

Maintaining good posture is a simple yet effective way to keep your back and spine in good working order. Good posture and back support are essential in reducing back and neck pain. Even sitting at a desk all day can wreak havoc on the back and neck, resulting in pain.

Good posture involved training the body to stand, walk, sit and lift in ways to place the least amount of strain on muscles and ligaments. There are many physical benefits to having good posture, such as the following:

– Keeping your bones and joints in the correct alignment to ensure that muscles work properly.

– Decreasing abnormal wear on joint surfaces.

– Decreasing the stress on ligaments that hold the spine together.

– Preventing the spine from fixing in an abnormal position.

– Lessening fatigue

– Prevents strains, backaches and muscular pain.

We often don’t realize how important out posture is.  We slump over a lot more than we should and only occasionally does our posture really cross our mind until a day that our back hurts and we can’t stand up straight if we tried.

A great tip until you get in the habit of standing up straight is to set an alarm on your phone for certain times of the day and label it “Stand up Straight” so that you visually see it and mentally put it in action. Once you get used to it, you will find that you don’t need the reminder anymore since it is second nature at that point but the reminder is great when you are getting into the habit.


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