Fall Yard Cleanup

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It seems that the start of each new season is a new opportunity to do some different yard work to prepare for the coming weather.  Autumn is no exception.

By taking the time now to prepare your yard for the winter weather, it will end up saving you a lot of time in the spring.

Here are 9 ideas on preparing your yard for winter:

  1. Clean the debris – Clean up leaves and pull weeds that you find now so that you don’t have families of rodents living in them for the winter. Make sure to clean up your flower garden and cut back your perennials so they bloom again in the spring.
  2. Vegetable Garden – after you harvest at the end of the season, pull out any old plants that are not perennial (don’t come back next year) and remove any weeds that may be in the garden also. If you compost, take the time to add a layer of compost to your garden so that it is ready for planting in the spring.
  3. Trim Trees – If you see any dead or damaged branches be sure to cut them down. This will keep your trees healthy and avoid limbs falling on your house or car or doing any other damage in the winds and snow during winter.
  4. Gutters – clear leaves and other debris from rain gutters. Make sure they are draining properly and there is no damage to them.
  5. Drain Outside Water – You don’t want water to freeze over the winter so be sure to take down hoses, drain them and store them inside and turn off any outside water and drain any that may be sitting in the pipes, so you avoid any issues.
  6. Rake and mulch – Rake up leaves and shred them or use your lawn mower to pick them up and shred them into a bag that you can then empty out as mulch for young trees, shrubs, and flower beds.
  7. Protect cold-sensitive plants – Any plant that would be sensitive to the cold but will come up again in the spring should be protected. Adding mulch around the plant as well as wrapping the plant in a breathable cloth should prevent damage.
  8. Protect your deck or porch – Power washing your deck or porch in the fall can clean it up and prevent mold/mildew from growing. Once you have the area clean, stain the area with a weatherproofing stain to protect the wood from any moisture damage in the winter.
  9. Clean tools before storing – the tools you won’t be using over the winter you should clean thoroughly and store for the winter.

We hope you can use some of these tips and that you have a safe and warm winter season. If we can help you here at John Scott Insurance Agency with any of your home insurance needs please reach out.


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