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John scott insurance what to ask when hiring a contractor

The Best Questions to Ask When Hiring a Contractor in 2019 Are you looking to have construction work done on your property in the near future? In today’s world, it is relatively easy to find the best contractors, as well as the reviews and social proof to back up their credibility. Places like Angi and Task[…]

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John Scott Insurance what is inland marine insurance

Insurance, insurance, insurance—I just can’t keep it straight! Do I need nineteen different coverages? My business is earth-moving, so I have excavation and construction equipment; should I be looking at a specific type of specialized insurance, rather than a lot of different kinds or just one or…help! Let’s start at the beginning Inland Marine Insurance[…]

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benefits of independent insurance agencies

As a business owner, you know how important it is to secure business insurance to protect your company against risks. Here are three reasons to secure business insurance through an independent insurance agency. 1) Increased Selection Independent agencies are not limited to a single company’s insurance options. Independent agencies actually represent several insurance carries. They can[…]

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Why Should I Invest in Cyber Liability Insurance?, protection that only cyber liability insurance can provide

Today, businesses are more connected than ever before. That is why cyber liability insurance is so important. While these connnections open brand new doors and possibilities, they also open your business up to considerable online risk. With data breach and cyber attack more common than ever, criminal can easily take advantage of cyber security weaknesses.[…]

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pros and cons of employer-offered life insurance

Many employers offer their workers life insurance coverage as part of their employee benefits package. However, is buying this coverage actually worth it for you? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of employer-offered life insurance to consider. Pros                                                  Main advantages of purchasing life insurance coverage from your employer are convenience, price, and acceptance.[…]

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