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What to Do When You Get a Flat Tire

Imagine you’re driving down the freeway and suddenly you hear an ominous thump.  You tense immediately and keep your eyes glued to the dashboard.  Your worst fears are confirmed when your tire light blinks on: you have a flat tire. This scenario could happen to any driver at any time. Make sure you know what[…]

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National Preparedness Month

This month is National Preparedness Month (NPM), an annual initiative sponsored by FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency).  Every September, FEMA encourages Americans to develop an emergency action plan for their homes, workplaces, schools, and communities. How to prepare for emergencies. What is National Preparedness Month? NPM is part of FEMA’s “Ready Campaign.” The Ready Campaign[…]

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How To: Make Your First Home Insurance Policy Affordable

Choosing the right starter home required huge time and financial investments; don’t let it all go to waste!  Make sure you choose the right first home insurance policy to protect your investments.  Are you worried insurance will break the bank? Make sure your first home insurance policy is affordable. Avoid Risky Homes Your home insurance[…]

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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

When the heat of summer begins to fade, it’s time to start getting your home fall-ready.  Fall maintenance is particularly important because it helps prepare your home for the coming winter months.  Taking care of your home’s upkeep can help prevent serious issues down the line. How to prep your home this fall and keep[…]

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How to Compare Life Insurance Policies

Choosing the right life insurance policy can test your patience.  Everyone wants a life insurance policy that meets their needs without breaking their budget.  However, there are an overwhelming amount of policies out there, and it can be difficult to pinpoint one that exactly suits your needs. How to compare different policies and determine the[…]

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