Backyard Plans for Spring

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Spring is finally here on March 20th! It’s the time of year again when we can get back outside and enjoy our yards.

March 19th is also national Backyard Day so we are going to share some great ideas on how to have fun right in your own backyard this spring.

  1. Gardening – if you haven’t tried gardening yet, this is a fun pastime that can provide you something beautiful to look at as well as food to put on your table or fresh herbs to use when you cook.
  2. Scavenger Hunts – these can be fun for kids and adults alike. Find some fun items to hide, have one person in charge of hiding them and invite some friends and family over to make the scavenger hunt even more fun.
  3. Campout under the stars – grab a tent and some sleeping bags and setup to sleep under the stars. If you have an area for a fire pit you can make smores over a fire and tell campfire stories too. This also is fun whether it is kids or adults that are participating.
  4. Obstacle course – You can create an obstacle course out of things you have laying around the house. Think of a fun prize for the winner.  Maybe it’s no chores for a week or choice of dessert after dinner.
  5. Kickball game – if your backyard has enough room you can have a fun kickball game with friends, family and even your neighbors and end the day with a BBQ.

You can create some amazing memories without even leaving your own yard that everyone will remember fondly for years to come. Don’t forget to take some pictures too so you can frame them and display them for everyone to see.

If we can help you at John Scott Insurance Agency with any of your insurance needs, including making sure you are covered fully for all the fun events you are going to have, just give us a call.

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