9 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Car

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Spring is finally here on March 20th and it is the perfect time to get your car checked over and ready for any road trips you may have planned for the warmer months.

Here are 9 tips on getting your car in tip top shape:

Tires – Winter causes havoc on your tires with the potholes you don’t see, salt on the road and anything else hidden in the snow or ice on the roads. If you notice your tread is wearing down, get new tires before you drive too far.  Also check the tire pressure and rotate your tires as needed.  This extends the life of your tires.

Battery – The heater in your car runs down your battery so it is important to check that it is in good condition so you don’t end up stranded somewhere on your way to a fun place.

Wiper blades – There is nothing worse then turning on your wipers in a rain storm to find that they aren’t doing anything except smearing the water on your windshield. Check them to make sure they weren’t damaged or worn out in the harsh winter weather and replace if needed.

Air Conditioner – You don’t want to be on a long road trip in warm weather when you find your AC isn’t working properly.  Check it out and fix potential problems now, before it gets really hot.

Belts and Hoses – Open the hood and look inside.  If you see anything worn or cracked, call your mechanic and have this fixed. Replacing them now saves an expensive repair in the future.

Wash your car – Salt left on your car too long can cause it to rust. Make sure you get a thorough cleaning to get all the road salt off your exterior and underneath your vehicle.

Check alignment and suspension – If you notice the car pulls to one side or the steering wheel vibrates as you drive, call your mechanic and have an alignment check.

Change oil and check fluids – Spring is a great time to do an oil change and make sure windshield washer, brake and cooling system fluids in your vehicle are full.  You may also want to have your mechanic do a transmission fluid flush.

Inspect brakes – Brakes are the most important part of the vehicle that you want to ensure are always working correctly. Ask your mechanic to check the pads and rotors to ensure they are safe and don’t need to be replaced.

We hope these helped you and that you enjoy any road trip or vacation you are planning to take in the coming months! If you would like to make sure your auto insurance is what it needs to be, please reach out to us at John Scott Insurance Agency and we are happy to review your policy with you.

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