8 Tips for Car Maintenance

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Older cars were easier to work on.  You could do a lot of the work yourself if you were handy and knew what to do. The newer cars though are a whole new territory. Everything is computerized so a lot of maintenance must be done by a certified mechanic that understands the systems.

It is possible to keep your car in good condition though, so you don’t end up with expensive repairs.  Just regular maintenance will go a long way to keeping your car on the road for years to come.

Here are our tips on what you should be checking regularly and what to look for.

  1. Air filter

The air filter in your vehicle is there to improve interior air quality. The filter needs to be replaced yearly to be working effectively and due to the placement, you may want to have a mechanic do this part.

  1. Fluids

In the past, you could often check your oil and transmission fluids yourself with a dipstick. Now, the newer cars often rely on sensors to let you know if you are low. You can put in more fluid yourself and remember that mechanics top off all fluids during routine maintenance.

  1. Engine air filter

Engine air filters should be changed every couple of years if not sooner, depending on how much you drive. We suggest having your mechanic do this for you so you don’t damage the electronic air sensor wiring that is often built in on newer vehicles.

  1. Brakes

Brakes are very important to have working properly. When you have your vehicle to the mechanic for service always ask them to check your brake pads. When they are worn down you need to replace them. Usually that will occur between 30,000 and 50,000 miles of driving, depending on how you drive.

  1. Tire tread

To get a precise reading, purchase an inexpensive tire depth gauge from an auto-parts store. A 2/32-inch tread or less is considered unable to pass safety inspection. To prolong tread life, rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

  1. Tire pressure

Check tire pressure once a month using a tire gauge. The tire-pressure number will be located on a decal on the driver’s door jamb so you can easily see what the tire pressure should be at. If the tire is low add air. Check to be sure front and back tires don’t require different pressure as well before filling up.

  1. Wiper blades

You want to be able to see clearly in bad weather so when your wipers start to not work as well buy new ones. In the weather you may want ones that are for winter weather.

  1. Oil changes

Check your owner’s manual to see how often your vehicle requires an oil change. You can do this yourself if you know how or have it done by your mechanic.

We hope that these tips help you to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible, so it lasts for many years.

If you need any assistance with your automobile insurance, please give us a call at John Scott Insurance Agency and we are happy to help.


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