7 Boating Safety Tips

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Summer fun may include relaxing on the boat with friends and family, but there are safety concerns with this activity.

If you put safety first, you will be as prepared as possible for the unexpected.  Also share your safety plan with passengers before going on the water so everyone can help if needed.

Here are our 7 boating safety tips:

  1. Safety Kit – Some of the essential items that should be included are:
  • Flashlight & extra batteries so you can see into dark places and be seen by others at night.
  • Duct tape because it can temporarily seal and fix many issues.
  • First aid kits are imperative. Make sure everyone knows the contents and how to use them. If any devices are needed such as an epi pen, inhaler, glucose tablets, etc., make sure they are onboard before leaving shore.
  • Ropes allow you to pull someone in if they fall overboard and can secure your boat to the dock.
  • Fire extinguisher because even though you are on the water, you could still have a fire. Everyone on board should know where the fire extinguisher is located and how to use it.
  1. Life jackets – You must have one for every person on the boat. Fit each person correctly before going on the water.
  2. Check the weather because it can be unpredictable and change suddenly.
  3. Check for fumes and if you smell any, do not start the engine. Carbon monoxide can accumulate and be harmful to everyone on the boat. Gases can accumulate in:
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Blocked exhaust outlets
  • Nearby boats
  • Idle/slow/stopped engine
  1. Know how to anchor your boat. If you are in a windy area you may need to drop 2 anchors in a V-formation at the front of your boat to stop it from drifting.
  2. Be aware of the best way to dock your boat. Once you are in place be sure to secure the bow line.
  3. Take a boating safety course. Many boating accidents happen due to operator error.

Accidents happen, no matter how prepared you are, but it is best to be as prepared as possible.  If you have a boating accident, be confident you are insured properly. Let John Scott Insurance Agency review your existing coverage or help you get a new plan in place.  

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