6 Tips to Stay Safe Outdoors this Summer

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We love the summer months.  Time to get outdoors and enjoy nature, slow down the pace and just enjoy life more.  The opportunity to grill more often, eat dinner out on our porches and feel the sun on our face.

It is important to stay safe though and we have 6 tips to share with you to make sure that happens.

Stay Hydrated

This is super important in the hot weather.  Drink as much water as you can and even more if you are doing anything strenuous in the heat.

You may not realize it, but the body loses more water in the summer through sweating and that can lead to dehydration.  When you are dehydrated you can get dizzy, tired, irritable, confused, and even experience low blood pressure.

Don’t Overexpose Yourself to the Sun

Too much time, unprotected in the sun can be dangerous so make sure you spend your outdoor time in moderation. Too much sun exposure could lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, sunburn and damage to the eyes.

Make sure you apply sunscreen daily before leaving the house and wear UVA/UVB protection glasses.

Keep Away the Insects

While we enjoy being outdoors in the summer, so do the bugs…which quite frankly is just annoying sometimes.

Some plants such as mint and lemongrass are great ways to keep the bugs away while also enjoying a wonderfully fragrant smell all around you.

Check for ticks on yourself, your children and your pets each day as ticks are common during summer.

Prepare for Emergencies

Make sure that your first aid kit is adequately and properly stocked.

Brush up on your first-aid techniques so you are prepared if you need to use them.

If you are going hiking or camping make sure to carry emergency supplies like high energy bars, water etc.

Make sure to update your emergency contacts and make sure that you always carry the list with you. Additionally, make sure your kids know the emergency contacts and what to do in case of an emergency.

Beware of Poisonous Plants

Make sure that you and your family are aware of the common poisonous plants in your area, such as poison Ivy, poison sumac, and poison Oak.

Teach your children to wash affected areas thoroughly and change clothes immediately if they come in contact with one of these plants. Once washed use an antihistamine and a hydrocortisone cream if you are able.

Grilling Safety

Were you aware that according to The National Fire Protection Association, fire departments are called to extinguish 1,600 BBQ related home fires each year.

When you are grilling be sure to avoid loose, dangling clothing.  Don’t set up your grill on a wooden surface either and be sure to grill in an open area so you don’t experience carbon poisoning.

Make sure that the grill is not left unattended especially around children.


Picnics, hikes, camping, swimming, boating…all these activities and more are great ways to enjoy the summer.  Please stay safe and enjoy the warm months!


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