3 Snow Melt Protection Tips

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melting snow

Accumulating water from melting snow and ice leaves your home susceptible to damage.   Below are three action steps you can take to protect your home ahead of time to minimize your risk.

1). Clear Snow From Your Homes Foundation. Shovel snow away from your home, including stairwells, window wells, downspouts and doors to help prevent water from seeping in through cracks.

2) Roof and Gutter Maintenance. Any heavy snow that has accumulated on your roof should be cleared away to avoid water damage. Keep your gutters clean of debris to avoid ice dams, which is melting snow that refreezes at night, causing gutter clogs. Ensure proper drainage. Make sure your downspout drains away from your home, and keep any street storm sewer drains clear of snow to prevent buildup and freezing.

3)  Sump Pump Maintenance. Test to see that your sump pump is in good working order in case your home experiences flooding. If you notice any small leaks, take care of them before they become a larger hazard.

Small preventative measures could potentially save you thousands in repairs.

If you do have a problem with your home, contact John Scott Insurance Agency and we will help you get it sorted out and repaired.

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